Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday September 28, 2008 Day 1

I contacted a guy that lives in Laffite, Louisiana. His name is Darell Frickey. He runs a fishing business in sount Louisiana. During alligator season he is a guide for the hunters. This season he got a 11 foot gator. I got to see the head. Darell took me out on his boat cause he was going to check his crab traps. He said that we might see some gator in the cannal. And we did! Before we went to the cannal he knew of some hunters that he help earlier this summer that still had some tags left so we went to see if they had some lines out. They did and there was no gators on them. But we ran into the hunters he knew. They were about to shoot a gator in the back of its head but Darell stopped them so I can take some pictures. The hunters said that the have another gator on a different line and wanted to messure it before they shoot it but they were to scarred to put the gater in their boat alive. Well, Darell isn't scarred. He put a live four alligator in his boat with me in it. IT WAS SO COOL!!! I got some amazing shots. Darell even picked it up. He then asked me if I wanted to pick it up. I DID!!! First I grabbed it's tail while Darell had a hold of the gator's mouth. Then I grab the mouth of the gator. WOW! Yes, one of the hunters was taking pictures of me with my camera holding the gator. THEN, I picked the gator up! Now that was intense!!! After about a minute or two the gator started to squarm and I had to let it go. I through it and I jumped up on this ledge on Darell's boat. I was scarred! I was funny. After the hunters killed the gator we helped them out with another gator. Darell showed us how to tag the gator properly. Also, Darell gave me a hook that they use for gator hunting. Then Darell and I went out to collect the crabs from his traps. During that time, he talked about everything with gators and crabs. I felt like I was on the Deadliest Catch, but not as intense. I got to see gaters swim in the canal. Which was great. Now I have to go try some alligator meat!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Story

I have came to a conclusion on what I am going to do for my photo essay. I will be doing a story on Alligator Hunting. I got a hold of a guide down there that would let me go with his hunting party when I get down there. I will be trying to see if I can stay out there with them so I can get the full story on alligator hunting.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

When the Leeves Broke

This documentary was such a depressing show. The people that were interview had story that makes my life a dream for them. I seen this before I went to New Orleans in March 2008 and from seeing it a second time made me even think more about my essay that I will do down there. Knowing what happen down there and knowing that the our government didn't do anything for days, months, and even a year later is horrible.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Possible Stories to shoot in New Orleans!!!

-French Quarter
-Forged Iron
-Forged Iron in the French Quarter
-forged Iron and the stories behind the art work

Fishing Industry
-Sea Food Restaurants
-Katrina's affect on boat yards
-Oysters industry
-Alligator (hunting, meals...)
-Swamps affected by Katrina

The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia

I have watch this documentary twice and I believe it is a good one. Shelby Lee Adams tell us that photographers should shoot things that they know. If you don't know what you are shooting you will not be able to get good images as someone that does know. Adams grew up in the Appalachia area. He knows the people there, their living style, and he understands them. He really shows it in his photographs. He places his subject in ever photograph. Adams respects everyone of his subjects that he will not publish the photograph if they don't like it.
A lot of people in Adams work do not smile. They look like that subjects are unhappy with who they are and that they are living a cruel life. But Adams explains that is not his intentions. He is shoot the for who they are, not what they are.

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Orleans: American Experience: Birth of Jazz

Sound is one of the biggest things in a people lives. Honks, dings, and whistles is everywhere. But the best sound that people hear is music. There are many different kinds of music. Rock, hip-hop, alternative, pop, classic rock, etc. In New Orleans, like anywhere else, there is many different kinds of music. Every culture in New Orleans has its own style of music, its own way of playing that style of music. It wasn’t till the 1890’s that “The Big Noise” came about that the people of New Orleans were amused by it. They have never heard anything like it. The African-Americans started the Hot Blues and everyone was mad for it. No one could figure out how the do it. Later on in year many musicians, like Louie Armstrong, brought the Hot Blues around the United States. People loved it. No one knows who or how but the music was started to be called Jazz. It was said that anyone can by a trumpet and play it, but it is nothing like hearing it in New Orleans.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

After the trip to New Orleans

After being in New Orleans before I have notice somethings that changed. The people have change a lot. It is a beautiful and a fun place to go. I enjoyed going there again. I can't wait to go again.

Day 5 in New Orleans

Today both the Editorial and Essay class went on a swamp tour to see how it was effected my Hurricane Katrina. There was some abandon houses and damaged boats that was so damage that it can not be repaired.
In the afternoon we all went to a tree planting ceremony. It is when volunteers give back to a community that wasn't theirs.

Day 4 in New Orleans

Today my group went to St. Charles Cemetery. I got a lot of good photos done there. After we had lunch at a park my group and I went to take pictures of these fancy
houses. I am sorry I can't remember the name of the are that those houses are at.
Before the sun went down A few of the people in my class and I went to take pictures of the water pumps where one of the levees broke. When we were there we found a house that was destroyed my the flood from Hurricane Katrina. There is stuff still in the house. It was so sad to see this house.

Day 3 in New Orleans

Today we met up with another of Rich Ryan's contacts. Jon is part of a group that rebuild houses that have been destroyed by the hurricane. He introduce us to some of the residents that were able to move back into there neighborhood because of what him and his volunteer group has done.
Some of the residents told us their stories of what happen to them and what the did you save themselves from the storm Hurricane Katrina. They were so sad. An elderly man had to break through the roof, and an elderly woman had do be saved by climbing out of her kitchen window.
Later in the day my group went to Algiers. It is as area that is apart of New Orleans. that area has some beautiful houses.

Day 2 in New Orleans

Today my group went to the Upper 9Th Ward where my teacher, Rich Ryan, knew a person that was in charge of the rebuilding there. It was in credible. The volunteers are doing an amazing job helping the people in New Orleans.
Late in the day we got to ride on a street car to a cemetery. Now that was fun. I highly recommend on riding the street cars if you ever get down to New Orleans.
All the graves in New Orleans are above ground because it is below sea level. The graves are very beautifully constructed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First day of down in New Orleans!

March 25 my group went down to Holy Cross neighborhood to photograph the houses that were under water 6 feet. There are still a lot of damage houses down there. We met a woman who lives in that there. Her name is Shella. She introduce us to Ms. Stacey who live across the street from her. Ms. Stacey told us everything about the neighborhood. She said that it was a multi culture, multi class, and multi diverse. Also, that it used to be a bad neighborhood till Katrina hit.

After Holy Cross neighborhood we went to take a quick break then went to the French Quarter to shoot street performers and the buildings there during Magic Hour (sunset). The culture is amazing there and the food is great. We ate at this place called Cajun Cabin. Wow!!! It was delicious.

After sunset some of us decided to explore the town. It was a lot of fun and I recommend that people should experience New Orleans once in there lives.