Thursday, May 1, 2008

After the trip to New Orleans

After being in New Orleans before I have notice somethings that changed. The people have change a lot. It is a beautiful and a fun place to go. I enjoyed going there again. I can't wait to go again.

Day 5 in New Orleans

Today both the Editorial and Essay class went on a swamp tour to see how it was effected my Hurricane Katrina. There was some abandon houses and damaged boats that was so damage that it can not be repaired.
In the afternoon we all went to a tree planting ceremony. It is when volunteers give back to a community that wasn't theirs.

Day 4 in New Orleans

Today my group went to St. Charles Cemetery. I got a lot of good photos done there. After we had lunch at a park my group and I went to take pictures of these fancy
houses. I am sorry I can't remember the name of the are that those houses are at.
Before the sun went down A few of the people in my class and I went to take pictures of the water pumps where one of the levees broke. When we were there we found a house that was destroyed my the flood from Hurricane Katrina. There is stuff still in the house. It was so sad to see this house.

Day 3 in New Orleans

Today we met up with another of Rich Ryan's contacts. Jon is part of a group that rebuild houses that have been destroyed by the hurricane. He introduce us to some of the residents that were able to move back into there neighborhood because of what him and his volunteer group has done.
Some of the residents told us their stories of what happen to them and what the did you save themselves from the storm Hurricane Katrina. They were so sad. An elderly man had to break through the roof, and an elderly woman had do be saved by climbing out of her kitchen window.
Later in the day my group went to Algiers. It is as area that is apart of New Orleans. that area has some beautiful houses.

Day 2 in New Orleans

Today my group went to the Upper 9Th Ward where my teacher, Rich Ryan, knew a person that was in charge of the rebuilding there. It was in credible. The volunteers are doing an amazing job helping the people in New Orleans.
Late in the day we got to ride on a street car to a cemetery. Now that was fun. I highly recommend on riding the street cars if you ever get down to New Orleans.
All the graves in New Orleans are above ground because it is below sea level. The graves are very beautifully constructed.