Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday September 28, 2008 Day 1

I contacted a guy that lives in Laffite, Louisiana. His name is Darell Frickey. He runs a fishing business in sount Louisiana. During alligator season he is a guide for the hunters. This season he got a 11 foot gator. I got to see the head. Darell took me out on his boat cause he was going to check his crab traps. He said that we might see some gator in the cannal. And we did! Before we went to the cannal he knew of some hunters that he help earlier this summer that still had some tags left so we went to see if they had some lines out. They did and there was no gators on them. But we ran into the hunters he knew. They were about to shoot a gator in the back of its head but Darell stopped them so I can take some pictures. The hunters said that the have another gator on a different line and wanted to messure it before they shoot it but they were to scarred to put the gater in their boat alive. Well, Darell isn't scarred. He put a live four alligator in his boat with me in it. IT WAS SO COOL!!! I got some amazing shots. Darell even picked it up. He then asked me if I wanted to pick it up. I DID!!! First I grabbed it's tail while Darell had a hold of the gator's mouth. Then I grab the mouth of the gator. WOW! Yes, one of the hunters was taking pictures of me with my camera holding the gator. THEN, I picked the gator up! Now that was intense!!! After about a minute or two the gator started to squarm and I had to let it go. I through it and I jumped up on this ledge on Darell's boat. I was scarred! I was funny. After the hunters killed the gator we helped them out with another gator. Darell showed us how to tag the gator properly. Also, Darell gave me a hook that they use for gator hunting. Then Darell and I went out to collect the crabs from his traps. During that time, he talked about everything with gators and crabs. I felt like I was on the Deadliest Catch, but not as intense. I got to see gaters swim in the canal. Which was great. Now I have to go try some alligator meat!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Story

I have came to a conclusion on what I am going to do for my photo essay. I will be doing a story on Alligator Hunting. I got a hold of a guide down there that would let me go with his hunting party when I get down there. I will be trying to see if I can stay out there with them so I can get the full story on alligator hunting.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

When the Leeves Broke

This documentary was such a depressing show. The people that were interview had story that makes my life a dream for them. I seen this before I went to New Orleans in March 2008 and from seeing it a second time made me even think more about my essay that I will do down there. Knowing what happen down there and knowing that the our government didn't do anything for days, months, and even a year later is horrible.